Stories Goldener Adler

Experience history at the Goldener Adler

Triumphal Arch - Archduke Leopold II

Happiness and sadness of a wedding –
Archduke Leopold II

Goethe and Schiller

With Goethe and Schiller at our wine bar

Court church - Kaiser Max

Eternal memory – “Schwarzmander” in the Court Church

Phillipine Welser

On the tracks of secret love of Philippine Welser

Stories from the Goldener Adler

Kotzebue stayed here through five days, he lived by ink and paper and died by Sand.
August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue stayed at the Goldener Adler from October 4-9, 1804

I will not leave you, as true as I am to Andrä Hofer. I’ve told you, you’ve seen me, God bless you!
Andreas Hofer, our famous freedom fighter, lived here after his first victory over the Napoleonic troops and addressed the people of Innsbruck from the second floor.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had a conversation with the innkeeper’s son, in whom he saw the “incarnate Söller” from one of his works “Die Mitschuldigen”.
He visited the Goldener Adler twice. Our “Goethestube” was named after him, this became a meeting place for Tyrolean poets, painters and musicians.

»Love. Life. Suffering. Successes and defeats. Unforgettable moments, decisions, places and people. Follow in the footsteps of great historical figures at the Goldener Adler and experience their story.«

“The past is a prologue” – quote, Unknown.

The wine bar, restaurant and Hotel Goldener Adler have hosted numerous celebrities: queens, kings, emperors, archdukes, duchesses and other nobles; poets, philosophers, musical virtuosos, generals and army commanders, resistance fighters and many more.

Cultural vacation in Innsbruck

Their traces are still visible today both in the Goldener Adler and throughout Innsbruck, Tyrol and beyond. Tombs, museums, statues, castles etc. remind us of a time long past in which the present is reflected more often than one might think.

Each of our rooms carries a piece of the past and is dedicated to celebrities, events and also ordinary people who had an important influence on the Goldener Adler.

Our rooms and whom they are dedicated to: