Home at the Goldener Adler

One does not even want to imagine how many dishes were cleaned here.

If you consider that the old parlors on the 1st floor, today rooms 101-104 since the reconstruction in 2012, and the kitchen since the year 1390 were located on the 1st floor, that must have been millions of plates, knives and forks.

A mountain full of dishes, if you would stack them all on top of each other, yes then the air would probably become very thin 🙂



Where the dishes are washed, a lot of water flows.

Don’t worry, our today’s excursion tip doesn’t take you to help in our today’s washing up on the ground floor!

Water is pure life! Constantly in motion, powerful, creative and energizing, it has captivated people since time immemorial.

It is particularly captivating to retrace the origins of a torrential stream in the Stubaital and to walk in its footsteps.

On the “WildeWasserWeg” in the Stubaital with unique alpine settings, this natural phenomenon can be experienced in a fantastic way on three stages.

Starting from glacier fields glistening in the sun over turquoise-blue mountain lakes, quite a few smaller springs gathering to thunderous waterfalls, to small floodplains and alluvial land, there are all different manifestations of the wet element to marvel at on the “WildeWasserWeg”.

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Thomas Hackl