Wine Bar in Innsbruck

A good glass of wine in
exceptional surroundings makes the day golden.

Wine is poetry

Wine is poetry in a bottle.

Wine Bar Göthe Lounge

Regional wines have been evoking enthusiasm here for centuries.

Riedel glasses for wine

No Riedel no fun – celebrate wine with Riedel – the 6 glasses for appreciating wine.

Wine and dine à la carte

dine a la carte and drink fine wine – more than just culinary delicacies from the kitchen.
savory wine appretiation in Innsbruck

»Regional and international wines of quality.
Enjoy fine wines by the glass.
Served in the perfect Riedel wine glass. Experience the world of wine. The Wine Bar with à la carte cuisine«

The Wine Bar

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the exquisite products of the grape! From effervescent and fruity to aromatic with mineral finesse, from elegantly mature to steely wines with sharp edges and a lingering aftertaste – there is something by the glass to suit every price range.

On a side note, thanks to the innovative technology of our Enomatic wine dispenser, we can offer top-class wines by the glass for weeks at a time without any deterioration in quality. Come and see for yourself; we are here for you every day until 11.00 pm. And to satisfy your hunger, great or small, our à la carte menu is available.

We look forward to welcoming you – in vino veritas!

»The winePad – A digital wine list.
Vineyard, vintage, soil, ageing, grape variety etc.
Every information about all our wines in one app.«

Just like your taste! The Goldener Adler wine bar in Innsbruck provides information on all wines. Every thing worth knowing for an exciting and sophisticated selection of wines, clearly arranged in one web application. You can easily download this app or look it up directly with your web-browser.

We wish you lots of pleasure while exploring our wine list.

The world of wine

Wine Bar Innsbruck

To ensure maximum pleasure, our bar serves quality wines in quality glasses.

If your wine could choose a glass, it would be Riedel!

Each wine has its own glass: Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Oaked Chardonnay, Shiraz, Pinot Noir

Wine Bar serving regional wines

We are proud to have Riedel as a partner


As an “instrument”, the wine glass itself cannot perform miracles, of course; a high quality wine is
a fundamental and important prerequisite. The purpose of the glass is to keep the wine as unchanged and pure as possible.

This is why we decided to form a partnership with Riedel. Wine glasses by Riedel are the perfect quality for transporting the taste, bouquet and texture of the wine unaltered.

Two traditional Tyrolean enterprises

Riedel and Der Goldene Adler in Innsbruck are both family-run businesses, whose aim it is to maximise the enjoyment of wine. To guarantee this, we serve excellent wines in the correct finest quality glasses.

How important is the right wine glass? To be able to evaluate a wine and determine its colour, clarity and texture, a colourless and undecorated glass is required. Similarly, a thin glass means that the temperature of the wine can be perceived immediately. Thick glasses have the disadvantage that the temperature of the glass is transferred to the beverage.

The bouquet of a wine is enhanced by swirling the glass, because an increase in the surface area for evaporation allows the diversity and depth of the aromas to be released more quickly.

Remembering Goethe and Schiller

It may have been a long time ago, but Goethe and Schiller were once guests in our Wine Bar. The interior décor may have changed, but the 600-year-old walls still tell the story of the feel of that era. Come along and sense it for yourself – to philosophise, enjoy wine and talk amongst friends.

Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wine tells nothing, it only tattles.

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

savory wine appretiation in Innsbruck

»Merry with wine & intoxicated with happiness. Austria is a country with a long tradition of wine-growing. Wine has been produced here for centuries. You will be impressed by what we offer!«

Austria is a sensational wine country, and regional wines are our speciality. We have deliberately chosen to focus exclusively on Austrian wines and beverages because, for us, enjoyment and local sourcing go hand in hand.

At the Goldener Adler, wines can also be selected according to price category, so you can always find the right wine for the occasion. Every wine, regardless of price category, is paired with its corresponding high-quality glass by Riedel.


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