einrich Joseph Johann Graf von Bellegarde

born on August 29, 1756 in Dresden, Germany
died on July 22, 1845 in Vienna, Austria

He was an Austrian field marshal and statesman.

Reference to the Goldener Adler

On December 12, 1813, he stayed at the Goldener Adler on his way to his new command of the Austria army in Italy.

He issued a proclamation calling on the peasants to lay down their arms.


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Life and facts

Count von Bellegarde was born in Dresden, Germany on August 29, 1756. His parents were the Saxon general Johann Franz von Bellegarde, a native of Savoy, and his wife, Imperial Countess Maria Antonia von Hartig.

Bellegarde entered first Saxon, then from 1771 Austrian state service and fought with distinction in the Turkish War of 1788, becoming a major general in 1792.

In the following 8 years he took command in many engagements of the Austrian army first as a field marshal lieutenant and later commanding entire wings of the army.

He was appointed to the Court War Council and led its presidium from 1805.
On December 15, 1813, Bellegarde assumed the supreme command of the Austrian army in Italy at Vicenza. After the end of the war, he became governor general of the newly founded Kingdom of Lombardo-Venetia for a year. He then spent some time in Paris as a private citizen and returned to Vienna.

In 1818, Emperor Franz I appointed him Obersthofmeister to Crown Prince Ferdinand.

He married Auguste von Berlichingen in Vienna in 1791. She was the widow of Friedrich August von Berlichingen and the daughter of Austrian Field Marshal Lieutenant Friedrich Alexander von Berlichingen and Anna Katharina Countess Ferlach. The couple had two sons who also became Austrian generals, August and Heinrich.

Bellegarde received several awards for his services, including the Order of the Iron Crown 1st Class, the Order of the Golden Fleece, in Vienna Donaustadt Bellegarde Alley was named after him. He died on July 22, 1845 in Vienna.



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