ristoforo Madruzzo

born on July 5, 1512 in Castel Madruzzo in Calavino, Italy
died on July 5, 1578 in Tivoli, near Rome, Italy

He was a cardinal in the Renaissance period as well as prince-bishop of Trento and Bressanone.

Reference to the Goldener Adler

Madruzzo was a guest in our house in 1567.


xcursion tip

After Cristoforo Madruzzo was bishop of Trento and Bressanone we have two tips for you today.

About an hour’s drive from Innsbruck, Italy, you will reach the city of Bressanone, South Tyrol, Italy, one of the oldest in the Tyrol region.

The Cathedral of Bressanone is the landmark of the city and the Episcopal church of the Roman Catholic diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone.

It is a cathedral and basilica minor, the original construction dates back to the year 980. The high altar by Theodor Benedetti is today one of the most important baroque altars in Tyrol. The cathedral has an interior with 33 different types of precious marble, a unique piece!

One hour further lies Trento, here we recommend a visit to the Palazzo Pretorio, the former bishop’s residence.

Today the palace, preserved in its medieval form is the seat of the Tridentine Diocesan Museum, in commemoration of the famous council.

Life and facts

Madruzzo came from an old Trentino noble family and was the first of four bishops of Trento who were successively from his family. His father Giovanni Gaudenzio Baron of Madrutz was a member of the Privy Council of Ferdinand I and courtier to his sons.

He studied theology in Padua and Bologna and rose very quickly in the church hierarchy. In course of this, his elevation to cardinal took place in 1542.

His most important achievement was the opening and protection of the Council of Trento.

The main reason was the need to respond to the demands and teachings of the Reformation. Madruzzo was essentially a politician and a loyal aide to the Habsburgs, receiving King Philip II of Spain, Duke Emmanuel of Savoy, and other dignitaries at his palazzo in Trent during the Council.

He died on July 5, 1578 in Tivoli, a city near Rome, Italy



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