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Our chef’s aim is
to make you happy.

Delicious food at the restaurant Goldener Adler

Appretiation meets care.
We serve delicacies.


Meals from regional ingredients.
Genuine pleasure with clear conscience.

Experience and innovation

Uniting experience and innovation.

satisfying food

Sit together in comfortable and cosy surroundings and let us serve you our delicious culinary delights.

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Stylish interior and traditional comfort inviting to eat.

Mon-Sun from 11:00 until 23:00 (last call 21:15)
Phone Goldener Adler Innsbruck +43 512 57 11 11


»Pure enjoyment. With a clear conscience. Experience
fresh, creative cuisine prepared from the heart, with skill
and a whole lot of love for the local region.«

The Restaurant

Our aim is to keep you, our guests, satisfied. Experience a unique place that lives and breathes history. In our historic and freshly renovated “Stube” we serve regional culinary delights.

After a warm welcome from the kitchen in the form of a seasonal appetiser, you embark on a culinary journey that starts with Tyrolean charr and ends with an impeccable pumpkin mousse.

Our hearty, honest menu is concise and easy to interpret. How about something sweet to finish off? Or perhaps the famous Tyrolean cheese selection? A key factor is our focus on the use of regional and seasonal ingredients to bring you a constantly changing selection of dishes.


Wine Bar Innsbruck

Fresh, seasonal products brought to you along short transport routes, produced with sustainable, organic farming methods or sustainable breeding.

Pure enjoyment. With a clear conscience.

Experience traditional, creative cuisine prepared from the heart, with skill and a whole lot of love for the local region.

Wine Bar serving regional wines

For us there is only one way – the regional way


From the classic Wiener Schnitzel, vegetables and salads to our drinks selection, we offer regional fare and specialities.

No commercial products!

You won’t find us using any of the usual commercial products. Dining at the Goldener Adler brings a conscious enjoyment of fresh, regional food, prepared to perfection and served with a smile.

Regional and personal

We know our suppliers personally and share their passion for fresh, sustainable produce. The Lechner family from Rum in Innsbruck, for example, has been supplying us with vegetables and seasonal salad items for 35 years.

From saddle of lamb to Wiener Schnitzel, all our meat products come from Austria. And to complete the culinary experience, even our drinks originate from regional production, allowing you to indulge with a clear conscience!

We are proud to be partnered with the agricultural marketing organisations Agrarmarketing Tyrol and Bewusst-Tyrol, underlining our commitment to regionality. Furthermore, we are a quality-certified, original “Tiroler Wirtshaus”.

Tiroler Wirtshaus

We source our food from multiple businesses in the Tyrol, direct from the local area, including:

  • Beermeister (butcher)
  • Handl (meat products)
  • AGM (central market)
  • Bergbauern Milch (dairy products)
  • Tiroler Bio-Pilze (organic mushrooms)
  • Kranebitter Käsekulinarium in the Markthalle Innsbruck (indoor market, cheese)
  • Anton Steixner (charr)
Exquisite and special

For those who think that regional products are unexciting, we prove how wrong they can be. As a region, Austria offers a wide array of speciality products. Here are just a few:

  • Dry vermouth from Paul Scheucher
  • Schilerol sparkling appetiser creations from West Styria
  • Lobster’s Tonic Water from Salzburg
  • Brandy from Christoph Kössler distillery

…and many more creations.


Wine Bar Innsbruck

To promote sustainability in all areas we use innovative, energy-efficient technology and eco-friendly regional products.

Where traditional meets contemporary.

The structure of our 600-year-old traditional building has been preserved and fitted out with a modern interior.

Wine Bar serving regional wines

We invest in the future whilst retaining tradition


As one of the longest-established restaurants in Innsbruck old town, we strive to lay down new culinary milestones through sustainable practices and regional sourcing.

Historical building with a new splendour

The masonry work of the Goldener Adler dates back to the year 1390. Preserving these walls that are so rich in history and protecting our cultural heritage is our main priority, but we also want to retain the unique character and warm atmosphere of our restaurant.

By using innovative conservation measures we succeeded in ruling out a straightforward reconstruction and instead carried out an extensive renovation, accurate to the last detail. So although the fabric of the building is 600 years old, we have not compromised on sustainability in our operations.

Sustainable products and processes

Our beverage selection is 100% locally-sourced and sustainable!
With an assortment that includes Almdudler (Austrian Limonade), Tyrola Kola, local schnapps and beers, when you come to the Goldener Adler you won’t find any commercial products on our list.

Rather than providing mineral water in different bottle sizes and a choice of natural or carbonated, we have our own Wellwasser water treatment system for dispensing drinking water, thereby saving around 22 tonnes of empties every year.

Less plastic:

In keeping with our high-quality regional beverages, we have stopped serving drinks with plastic straws in favour of using glass straws.

The classic linen napkin is obsolete!
At the Goldener Adler we provide single-use 100% organic cotton napkins. These are totally hygienic and because they are compostable they are also kind to the environment. This takes away the need for certain unsustainable and expensive supply chains (washing, drying, pressing and folding of cloth napkins).

Interior and Technology
  • Newly-built hotel kitchen: LED technology, heat recovery cooling and ventilation systems
  • State-of-the-art water treatment
  • Installation of a CHP unit for maximum energy production
  • • Introduction of energy management system, including the integration of all staff (e.g. where are the “power-guzzlers” and how should they be used to benefit from maximum energy savings?)
  • Load management of virtually all equipment in the kitchen, air conditioning, laundry
  • Ongoing conversion to LED lighting in the hotel area (already 60% complete)
  • Motion sensors in the hotel corridors and use of advanced LED technology
  • Aside from a small area we have completely refurbished all windows that are subject to building conservation. In addition to a reduction in noise, this has resulted in the retention of a considerable amount of heat in winter and cool air in summer.




Thomas Hackl wine bar Innsbruck
Regional delights by the Hackl family
Madlen Hackl Chef at the Goldener Adler
Fresh and regional ingredients
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Restaurant in Innsbruck uses only regional ingredients