uise Maria Josepha of Savoy

later Countess Maria Louise of Provence

born September 2, 1753 in Turin, Italy
died on 13 November 1810 in Hartwell House in Aylesbury near Oxford

She was born Princess of Sardinia and by her marriage to King Louis XVIII. Countess of Provence.

Reference to the Goldener Adler

On April 20, 1792, she stayed at the Goldener Adler while traveling to Turin. Archduchess Elisabeth paid her a visit the following day, after which she departed again.

Her brother-in-law Karl Philipp the Count of Artois and later King Karl X. was also a guest at the Goldener Adler. In 1789 and 1791 he stayed at our Hotel accompanied by his wife Maria Theresia of Savoyen, who was the sister of Luise Maria Josepha of Savoyen.


xcursion tip

Mary Josepha of Savoy traveled a lot, what do you think about a little trip and a nice excursion to our monastery Stams? From Innsbruck approx. ½ hour away is this jewel in the Upper Inn Valley.

The monastery was founded 1273 as a family foundation of the counts of Görz-Tirol by Meinhard II. and is today a Cistercian abbey.

More information: https://www.stiftstams.at/

Life and facts

Maria Josepha was the second daughter of Victor Amadeus III and his wife Maria Antonia of Spain.

On May 14, 1771, she married a grandson of Louis XV, later King Louis XVIII of France. Through the marriage, Maria Josepha became Countess of Provence. After Louis XVI’s accession to the throne, she held the title of “Madame.”

Maria Josepha fled France with her husband in June 1791 after the outbreak of the French Revolution. The couple first found refuge in Brussels, then in Koblenz.

The exile forced the Count of Provence to lead an unsteady life under various aliases and constant fear of assassination attempts, which led him via Verona and Sweden to England, where he resided first in Gosfield near London and finally in Hartwell Castle near Oxford.

Maria Josepha died there on November 13, 1810, in her 58th year.

Her marriage to the future Louis XVIII had remained childless. Maria Josepha is not listed among the queens of France because she died four years before her husband’s accession to the throne.



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