chnitzelpanier, place where our “Schnitzel” was prepared

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The 107 is a very special place. This is where the “Schnitzelpanier” was located in the old kitchen until the end of 2019.

Tons of flour, breadcrumbs, countless eggs were lovingly processed here. What could be better than a delicious Wiener Schnitzel!

When we don’t know what to eat, a Wiener Schnitzel is always good. Our wonderful homemade potato salad in addition, heart what do you want more?



The potatoes for our excellent homemade potato salad we get from the vegetable farmer of our confidence from Rum near Innsbruck, family Georg and Sabine Lechner.

Our today’s excursion tip leads you to the local area, the so-called MARTHA – villages.

These are summarized several villages in the northeast of Innsbruck, on the way from Innsbruck to Hall. In each one there is much to see or experience, Mühlau, Arzl, Rum, Thaur and Absam.

Easily reached by public transport, take line 501 from the Terminal Marktplatz, located near the hotel.

Small villages with charm, for strolling, as a starting point for a hike or cultural visit.

Arzl with its Calvary mountain and the chapel built around 1665, enjoy a wonderful view of Innsbruck.

In Thaur, a trip to the castle ruins or to the baroque pilgrimage church Romedikirchl above the village will lead you.

In Absam, a special jewel awaits you, the Basilica of St. Michael, dedicated to the Archangel Michael. The Absam pilgrimage church, which was elevated to basilica status in 2000, is the first in Tyrol to receive this rank without being connected to a monastery or foundation. The reason for this was also that Absam is the most important Marian pilgrimage site in Tyrol.

Some famous personalities also come from Absam, such as the violin maker Jakob Stainer and the painter Max Weiler. Both the luge athletes and Olympic gold medalists of Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010, Andreas and Wolfgang Linger, and the ski jumper and Olympic gold medal winner in 1992, Ernst Vettori, are at home here in Absam.


Thomas Hackl

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