ohann Friedrich Freiherr von Cronegk

born on September 2, 1731 in Ansbach
died on January 1, 1758 in Nürnberg

He was a German playwright, poet and essayist.

Reference to the Goldener Adler

Johann Friedrich von Cronegk was a guest at the Goldener Adler on 14.12.1752. He accompanied the Margrave of Brandenburg on his journey to Rome and Venice. He is the author of the tragedy “Codrus”, which was performed in Innsbruck .


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The hours are lost that we do not dedicate to our friend.
We were born to happiness, so let us be happy.
Friedrich von Cronegk

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Life and facts

As the only child, Johann Friedrich Freiherr von Cronegk received a careful education at home. He studied law and the fine sciences in Halle and Leipzig from 1749-52. The close contact with Christian F. Gellert, also a German poet, shaped his life.

Cronegk’s multilingualism is emphasized by his contemporaries.

He was particularly interested in the Romane languages and read the canonical works of European literatures, some of whose works and parts of works he also translated. His poetry is didactic and satirical.

After his studies he travelled through Italy and France in 1752/1753. In 1754, he took up a position as a court and judicial councillor in his hometown.

He seems to have felt little happiness in the court service in Ansbach; however, he found a charitable balance in his association with Johann Peter Uz, a German poet, and in varied literary pursuits.

While visiting his father in Nuremberg, he died of smallpox on New Year’s Day 1758.


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