lemens Wenzel Lothar of Metternich

born on May 15, 1773 in Koblenz, Germany
died on June 11, 1859 in Vienna Austria

Metternich was an Austrian state chancellor and foreign minister and shaped politics in Austria and Europe for three decades.

Reference to the Goldener Adler

Prince of Metternich was a frequent guest in Innsbruck and on July 9, 1825, in the Goldener Adler. He had spent the summer in Italy and Switzerland and returned to Vienna.


xcursion tip

Not only Prince of Metternich wrote history, but our today’s excursion tip also takes you to a place steeped in history.

30 kilometres from Innsbruck is the silver town of Schwaz. Visit the silver mine there.

In the Middle Ages, Schwaz was the mining center of Europe. About 85% of the world’s silver came from Schwaz, making the city the largest mining metropolis in the world during its heyday around 1500, and Tyrol became one of the richest countries in Europe.

The great trading families became so influential that they used Schwaz silver to dictate the politics of Europe and the discoveries of the New World.

The first thaler in the world, the Guldiner, was newly minted with Schwaz silver in neighbouring Hall in Tyrol in 1486. It was recognized as a thaler for a long time almost everywhere in Europe as a means of payment.


Life and facts

Klemens Wenzel Lothar vof Metternich was born in Koblenz, the son of the Metternich noble family. In 1788 he moved to Strasbourg, France to study political science at the university.

There he experienced the French Revolution and its uprisings.

He fled with his family to Vienna in 1794, when revolutionary troops advanced to the Rhine. Due to the good relations of his family and the Austrian court, he became a diplomat and tried to improve relations between Austria and France.

After the defeat in the 1809 Coalition War against France, Emperor Francis I. summoned him to his court and appointed him as the new foreign minister.

After the failed Russian campaign of the French and the Battle of Leipzig, the French troops were pushed back.

Subsequently, Metternich worked for a peaceful balance in Europe and realized this at the Congress of Vienna.


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