ary of Burgundy

born on February 13, 1457 in Brussels, Belgium
died on 27. March 1482 in Bruges, Belgium

Reference to the Goldener Adler

Mary of Burgundy did not always have it easy since her childhood, nevertheless she grew up to be a strong woman, wife and mother, who unfortunately died much too early in a tragic accident.

We have named our Cafe Bar Maria of Burgundy after her.


xcursion tip

Our cafe “Bar Maria von Burgund” is located diagonally opposite the Goldener Adler directly under the Golden Roof. On one of the frescoes you can see her together with her husband, Emperor Maximilian I., and his second wife Bianca Maria Sforza of Milan.

Enjoy a coffee with heart and a piece of homemade apple strudel.

Life and facts

Mary of Burgundy was the only child and sole heir of Duke Charles the Bold. After her father’s death, she became Duchess of Burgundy and had to defend her inheritance rights against King Louis XI of France.

To strengthen her position, she married Emperor Maximilian I in August 1477.

With him she had two children: Philip I. the Fair and Margaret of Austria. Mary of Burgundy died in Bruges as a result of a riding accident, her body is buried in the Church of Our Lady in Bruges.

She was the grandmother of Emperors Charles V. and Ferdinand I.

She was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, and Maximilian is said to have been unable to overcome her death throughout his life; she was his great love.

In the sarcophagus of Mary, after the death of Maximilian I., his heart was also buried. A statue of Mary is one of the 28 bronze figures that stand at the tomb of Emperor Maximilian in the Innsbruck Court Church.


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