amily Cammerlander

Reference to the Goldener Adler

From 1928 to 2004 the Cammerlander family was the owner of the Goldener Adler.

It all began in the Wipptal, in the Gasthof Steinbock.

A plaque under our arbors recalls the beginnings of the innkeeping family. Dr. Paul Cammerlander, a renowned lawyer, was the sole owner of this traditional house for many decades.

We dedicate this room to his family and brothers. The first names of the brothers are lovingly immortalized in the historic windows with so-called “Putzenscheiben”.


xcursion tip

From room 104 you have a magnificent view of Innsbruck’s landmark, the Golden Roof.

Why wander into the distance, when the good things are so close, so our today’s excursion tip leads you directly opposite to the Goldenes Dachl Museum.

Emperor Maximilian I. let the Golden Roof, a building covered with 2657 gilded copper shingles, be built between 1497 and 1500. Around the oriel, the viewer is impressed by a sequence of 18 relief panels made of sandstone.

In the museum you can expect history at the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times. Centuries-old exhibits combined with new multimedia technologies open up an informative and varied look into the time of Emperor Maximilian I.

For children there are entertaining stations and a puzzle rally. On the first floor Innsbruck’s old registry office is located on the first floor, there is no more beautiful place than here to start your marriage.


Thomas Hackl

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